Over 50 years of special skills to guarantee a compound tailored according to the different needs of the customers.

We are specialized in cosmetics and pharmaceutical packaging, various objects and in design for furniture and lighting.

The ductility of materials, the fine workmanship and the research for specific resins allow us to meet all of the most demanding sectors and to support multiple applications.

DOMINIONI offers constant and total collaboration based on flexibility, dynamism and reliability.

Each product is the brainchild of our colorists, in direct collaboration with the customers.

The experience gained in this field gives us the opportunity to rapidly realize new colors, both transparent and opaque, and special effects such as:

  • opalescent, fluorescent
  • pearled, metallic, iridescent
  • tortoiseshell, marbled, veined
  • glitter, granite
  • wood
Moreover we have developed a compound in PP with a MINERAL CHARGE up to 70% and it can be colored, UV rays metallized, galvanized, printed and used where the specific gravity needs to be increased. This way an excellent aesthetic effect can be preserved preventing the insertion of metal materials, and so on.

We can produce the same charge also in ABS up to 45%.

Our materials are Food Contact certified.

The production processes are recorded, so every production can be executed with the same features at any time, even for small batches.
Products on demand can be supported by technical and safety data sheets.




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