A business reality projected into the future.

DOMINIONI was established at the beginning of the 70th years as a firm for processing of ABS, SAN and PS waste.

Since 1980, through the search for the opening up of new markets, our concern has been improving its quality acquiring a position of prestige. This way we started the fine working of plastic materials for workmanship, cosmetic and pharmaceutical sectors, for furniture and small electrical appliances.

In 1981 DOMINIONI moved to actual place where, thanks spacious rooms, to new structure and technological skills, the development process is continually renewed. These are years of great investments leading beside to the production of ABS, SAN and PS, to the introduction of new resins PP, PC, PC/ABS, PMMA, PET-G, to the search for new color effects and to the use of materials protecting health, hygiene and environment. Today DOMINIONI is adding to this heritage the study of technical compounds (soft touch, aesthetic of every kind, materials with particular specific weight, and so on).

DOMINIONI aims at the full customer satisfaction through constant organizational improvement and optimization of production process guaranteed by ISO 9001:2015 Certification.

Our core business is the production of special and particular material for the customer: a resin that meets the highest demands as to quality, final effect and singularity.

In our research laboratory it is possible to co-study and co-experiment colors and materials with the customer in order to realize the best production.

According to our “green” policy we introduced biodegradable materials and we developed alternative energy sources with the installation of solar panels on our production structure.




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